What Is Backing Line for Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing is a pastime that many anglers and outdoor enthusiasts enjoy, but what is a backing line? Backing line is an important part of the fly fishing gear, and it helps to create a more effective and enjoyable experience.

What Is A Backing Line?

A backing line is a specialized type of fishing line that is used in combination with the fly line. It is usually made from braided Dacron, Spectra, or Gelspun lines that are much thinner than traditional monofilament lines.

The backing line provides additional capacity to the reel and helps to create more distance on the cast. It also serves as a safety net for when an angler hooks into a larger fish that can easily take off or break the fly line due to its thin diameter.

Types Of Backing Line

Backing lines come in various lengths, colors, and materials. Most commonly used on freshwater setups are Dacron or Gelspun lines because they are strong and durable enough for most applications.

Saltwater setups often use Spectra backing because it offers superior abrasion resistance when Targeting large saltwater species such as tarpon or sharks. The color of the backing can be selected based on personal preference – typically yellow or white are chosen since they can be easily seen in low light conditions when spotting fish activity.

How To Attach Backing Line To Reel

Attaching the backing line to the reel requires some knowledge of knots and basic rigging techniques. The most common methods involve using either an arbor knot or an albright knot to tie the backing onto the reel spool.

Both knots should be tied with at least 20-30% extra pressure so they remain secure while retrieving line from the reel during a fight with a big fish. Once secured onto the spool, use a nail knot to attach your fly line directly onto the backing material followed by running your leader through the guides of your rod for connection to your flies or lures.

Conclusion: When it comes to fly fishing, understanding what a backing line is and how it works can help make your experience more enjoyable and productive on the water. A backing line provides additional capacity for storing more flyline on your reel while also offering extra protection against larger fish taking off too much line in one shot. In addition, knowing how to properly attach it onto your reel will ensure that you have reliable connections between your main fishing components so you don’t risk losing any big catches due to weak knots or improper rigging techniques.

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