What Is an EGI Fishing Rod?

What is an EGI Fishing Rod?

An EGI fishing rod is a specialized fishing rod designed for a specific type of fishing called Eging. Eging is a Japanese style of saltwater jigging for squid, and the rods used for this type of fishing are specialized rods which have been designed to meet the needs of anglers Targeting squid.

EGI rods are typically lightweight and flexible, allowing them to be cast further and into deeper water than standard fishing rods. They also feature unique components such as a light weight reel seat, soft tip sections and a “trigger grip” handle design which allows anglers to more easily detect strikes from squid.

The reels used on EGI rods are also specially designed, with smaller spools allowing the lines to be wound much more tightly than on standard reels. This helps to provide more sensitivity when detecting strikes from squid. The line capacity is also lower than on conventional reels, meaning that the lighter lures often used in Eging can be deployed easier and with greater accuracy.

EGI rods are usually relatively short in length compared to standard fishing rods, making them easier to use when Targeting squid in tight spaces. They are also generally quite strong despite their light weight construction, meaning that they can handle the powerful runs of larger squid without breaking or becoming damaged.

In conclusion, an EGI fishing rod is specifically designed for the Japanese style of saltwater jigging for squid known as Eging. These rods have been designed with components and features that make them ideal for this type of fishing, such as light weight reel seats, soft tip sections and trigger grip handles which allow anglers to detect strikes from squid more easily.

They also feature smaller spools which allow lines to be wound much tighter than on conventional reels while their shorter lengths make them easier to use when Targeting fish in tight spaces.

In summary, an EGI Fishing Rod is an essential tool for any angler looking to Target squid using the Japanese style of saltwater jigging known as Eging. These specialized rods are lightweight yet strong enough to handle powerful runs from larger species of squid while their unique components make it easy for anglers to detect strikes accurately and deploy lighter lures with greater accuracy.

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