What Is a Utah Set Line Fishing License?

A Utah set line fishing license is a specialized permit issued by the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources that allows an angler to use set lines in certain bodies of water. Set lines are a type of passive fishing gear, meaning they don’t require an angler to actively monitor them in order to catch fish. Instead, they are left unattended in the water, with bait attached, and can be checked periodically.

Set lines are a popular method of fishing for large catfish or trout that hang out in deep water and aren’t likely to be caught on traditional gear such as lures or baitfish. They can be used from boats, bridges, docks, and other stationary structures as long as the angler has permission from the property owner.

In Utah, all set line anglers must have a valid set line permit before they begin fishing. The permit is valid for one year and grants the holder access to all waters open to public fishing in the state. The cost is $20 for residents and $30 for non-residents.

The requirements for obtaining a Utah set line license vary depending on where you plan to fish. For example, if you plan to use set lines in waters located within the boundaries of a national park or monument, you must first obtain permission from that agency. Additionally, some waters may have additional restrictions on the type of gear allowed and/or specific regulations regarding how many lines can be used at once or how often they need to be checked.

The Utah Department of Wildlife Resources provides detailed information about obtaining a set line license and regulations pertaining to their use on their website. It’s important for anglers to familiarize themselves with these rules before using any type of fishing gear in Utah waters.

In summary, a Utah set line fishing license is required by all individuals who wish to use passive fishing gear such as set lines while fishing in any body of water located within the state’s boundaries. To obtain this permit, applicants must pay a fee as well as comply with any additional regulations imposed by local agencies or governing bodies where they intend to fish.
Conclusion: A Utah Set Line Fishing License is necessary for anyone wishing to utilize this method of passive fishing while in any body of water located within Utah’s boundaries; it grants access to all public waters in the state and comes with additional regulations that must be followed depending on where an individual plans on setting their lines up at.

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