What Is a Stick Rod Fishing?

Stick rod fishing is one of the most popular and widely used methods for catching fish. It involves using a long, flexible rod to cast out bait or lures into the water.

The angler then waits for a bite and brings the fish in, either by hand or with a net. Stick rods are usually relatively inexpensive and can be used in almost any type of water, from rivers and lakes to the ocean.

Stick rods come in a variety of sizes and lengths, ranging from 8 feet to over 15 feet long. The longer the rod, the easier it is to cast out and bring in larger fish.

They also have different power ratings, which indicate how much weight they can handle when casting or fighting with a fish. Some stick rods are made specifically for trolling, while others are designed for spinning reels or baitcasting reels.

One of the great advantages of using a stick rod is that it allows you to cover more water than most other types of fishing rods. This means you can cover more areas quickly and increase your chances of catching fish. It also makes it easier to reach deeper water where larger fish may be hiding out since you don’t have to worry about overhanging trees or other obstacles that may obstruct your line’s path when using a shorter rod.

Another great feature of stick rods is that they are relatively lightweight compared to other types of fishing rods, making them easy to carry around on your fishing trips without having to lug around heavy gear all day long. They also have good balance, meaning they won’t tire out your arms easily while casting or fighting with a large fish.


Stick rod fishing is an effective method for both recreational anglers and professional fisherman alike due its versatility and convenience. With its lightweight design and ability to cover larger areas quickly, it’s no wonder why this type of fishing has become so popular among anglers everywhere!

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