What Is a Split Shot in Fly Fishing?

Split shot is a common tool used in fly fishing. It’s a small, round lead weight that can be attached to the leader or line above a fly. Split shot is used to help the fly sink faster, and to give it more action and depth in the water. It also helps to keep the line from tangling on rocks and other obstacles.

Split shot comes in various sizes, from BB size which is smallest, up to 7/64” size which is largest. The size of split shot you need depends on the type of fish you’re Targeting and the type of water you’re fishing in. Generally speaking, smaller split shot are better for shallow rivers and streams, while heavier split shot are better for deeper lakes and oceans.

To attach split shot to your line or leader, simply pinch it between your thumb and forefinger while squeezing it closed until it fits snugly around your line or leader. Then slide it up until it’s just above your fly. It’s important to make sure that the split shot is positioned far enough away from your fly so that the fish won’t be able to feel it when they take a bite.

Once you’ve got your split shot set up correctly, you’ll be able to cast farther with more accuracy as it helps keep your line at an even depth throughout its arc. This can be especially useful when fishing in windy conditions since you’ll have less of a chance of getting tangled up in obstacles under the surface.


Split Shot is an essential tool for any fly fisherman looking to increase their casting distance, accuracy, and success rate out on the water. By adding split shot above their flies they can ensure that their lines remain at an even depth throughout its arc while also giving their flies more action and depth in the water – helping them catch more fish.

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