What Is a Spare Spool in Fly Fishing?

A spare spool is an important piece of equipment for any fly fisherman. It’s essentially a second reel, just like the one you use on your rod, but it has a different set of line or backing on it. This allows you to quickly switch between setups without having to strip off your current line and re-tie it.

Spare spools are great for using different lines or backings on the same reel. For example, if you’re fishing in shallow water, you might want to use a floating line and a sinking line when fishing in deeper water. By having a spare spool, you can easily switch between these two lines without having to strip off the old one and re-tie the new one every time.

They’re also great for switching between different kinds of fly lines. If you’re fishing for trout with dry flies, then you can have a spare spool with a floating line loaded with small nymphs or emergers in order to fish those flies effectively. Similarly, if you’re going after bass with streamers, then having a spare spool with sinking line loaded with larger streamers can be very helpful.

Another great use for spare spools is to store tippets and leaders that are already tied up. This way, if your leader needs replacing while out on the river, all you need to do is grab your spare spool and quickly attach it to your main line without having to tie up an entire new leader each time.

Spare spools are also useful when traveling from one destination to another since they allow you to quickly change out lines and backings depending on what type of water you’ll be fishing at each location.

In short, spare spools are an incredibly useful piece of equipment for any fly angler and can make switching between different setups much easier and faster than it would be otherwise. Whether you’re a beginner just getting into fly fishing or an experienced angler who fishes often, having at least one extra spool will definitely come in handy at some point in your fly fishing journey!

Conclusion: A spare spool is an essential piece of equipment for any fly fisherman as it allows them to quickly switch between different types of lines or backings without needing to re-tie them every time they want to change something up. Spare spools also come in handy when traveling from place-to-place since they allow anglers to easily adjust their setup depending on the water they’re fishing in at each location. Overall, having at least one extra spool is definitely recommended for anyone who’s serious about their fly fishing!

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