What Is a Shooting Head Fly-Fishing?

Shooting head fly-fishing is a type of fly-fishing where a long, thin line is used to cast the fly. It’s a more efficient type of casting, allowing the angler to cover more distance with fewer false casts. This system is popular with anglers who are looking to cover large amounts of water quickly and efficiently.

The shooting head system uses a longer, thinner line than traditional fly-fishing lines. The weight of this line helps it shoot out of the rod and into the water, making it easier for anglers to cast farther and faster than with traditional lines. The typical shooting head will measure anywhere from 30 to 50 feet long and can be as thin as 0.009 inches in diameter.

This style of fly fishing requires specialized equipment. A longer rod is necessary, usually 9 feet or longer, to accommodate the extra length of the line.

A specialized reel is also needed, one that can hold more line than a traditional reel would. Finally, an adjustable shooting head line is needed in order to cast properly.

Shooting head fly-fishing isn’t for everyone; it takes practice and skill to use effectively. It’s best suited for anglers who are looking for long distance casts or who need speed when covering large amounts of water quickly.


Shooting head fly-fishing offers anglers an efficient way to cast farther distances with fewer false casts than with traditional lines. It requires specialized equipment and takes practice and skill to use effectively but it can be great for covering large amounts of water quickly.

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