What Is a Run in Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing is an angling technique that involves using an artificial “fly”, or a lure, to catch fish. It is different from other fishing techniques as it uses a specialized fly rod and line instead of a conventional rod and reel.

The fly usually consists of feathers, fur, and other materials tied in an intricate pattern to resemble real insects.

Fly fishermen cast their lines into the water with the goal of mimicking the natural behavior of prey species. When they spot a fish they want to catch, they cast their line in front of it and then retrieve it slowly. This is known as “running the fly”, or simply “running”.

Running a fly is all about presentation – getting the fly in front of the fish in such a way that it looks like real food. The technique involves casting, mending (adjusting the tension on the line), retrieving (pulling in) and then recasting again. It can be tricky for beginners to master as it takes time and practice to perfect your technique.

The key to successful running is having good control over your line at all times. This requires understanding how currents affect your line’s path and being able to adjust your casts accordingly. You also need to know how fast or slow you should retrieve your fly depending on what kind of prey you are trying to imitate.

What Is a Run in Fly Fishing?

A run in fly fishing is when an angler casts their line in front of a fish they want to catch, retrieves it slowly and mends (adjusts tension) on the line as needed, before recasting again with the goal of presenting an imitation of real food.

Fly fishing is truly an art form that requires patience, practice and skill – but once you’ve mastered running the fly you’ll be rewarded with some exciting catches!


Fly fishing runs involve casting, mending, retrieving and recasting with precision so that your artificial lure resembles real food. It takes patience and practice but once mastered can be very rewarding for anglers looking for exciting catches!

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