What Is a Kite Fishing Rod?

Kite fishing rods are a type of specialized fishing rod used for kite fishing. Kite fishing is a type of angling technique in which the angler casts a line attached to a kite, allowing the kite to carry the line and bait out to greater distances and depths than would otherwise be possible.

Kite fishing rods are very specialized, designed to give maximum sensitivity for detecting bites and providing effective hook sets.

Kite fishing rods are usually made from high-quality graphite or other composite materials. Graphite is chosen for its light weight and sensitivity, allowing an angler to feel even the slightest bite on the line.

The composite materials also provide strength and durability, ensuring that the rod can withstand the rigors of saltwater use.

Kite fishing rods typically feature a long, lightweight blank with an extra-fast action tip. This allows anglers to cast their lines out farther, as well as detect bites more easily.

The length of these rods can vary from 7 feet up to 13 feet or more, depending on the type of fish being Targeted and how far out the angler needs to cast their line.

Kite fishing rods also feature special guides known as “spiral guides” which help reduce line twist when casting with a kite. These guides are designed with larger loops than traditional guides, allowing them to better accommodate heavier lines used in kiting. Additionally, some kiting rods come equipped with special “double-footed” guides which allow for even better control of line twist.


Kite fishing rods are specialized tools designed for use in kiting – an angling technique that involves using a kite to cast lines farther than possible with traditional methods. Kiting rods feature long blanks and extra-fast action tips for increased casting range and sensitivity, as well as spiral guides and double-footed guides which help reduce line twist when casting with a kite.

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