What Is a Jack Pole Fishing?

What Is a Jack Pole Fishing?

Jack pole fishing is an old-fashioned style of fishing that has been around for centuries. It is a method of fishing where a long pole or staff is used to fish in shallow water, usually in a river or stream.

The pole can be as long as 6 meters and is held in the hand while standing on the bank of the water body. The technique requires patience and skill, as it requires the angler to control the line and bait with one hand while manipulating the rod with their other hand.

The main advantage of jack pole fishing is that it allows anglers to reach areas that may be difficult to access with traditional methods such as using a boat or casting from shore. This makes it ideal for those who don’t have access to a boat, or if they want to try their luck at a location that may not be accessible via other methods. It also has the added benefit of allowing anglers to stay closer to shore and avoid wading into deeper waters.

Unlike traditional methods, jack pole fishing does not require any type of bait, lures, or rods; instead, only natural bait such as worms are needed for successful catches. This makes it an economical alternative for anglers who are on a budget but still wish to enjoy the sport of fishing. Additionally, because no special equipment is needed, anyone can try their luck at this style of fishing without having to invest in expensive gear.

In addition to being economical, jack pole fishing can also be quite effective when done correctly. As long as the right technique is used and patience is exercised while waiting for bites, many different types of fish can be caught using this method – even large species such as carp and catfish! With practice and persistence, anyone can learn how to master this ancient style of fishing.


Jack pole fishing is an old-fashioned yet effective way of catching fish in shallow waters without needing expensive gear or specialized techniques. It requires patience and skill but with practice it can become quite rewarding and enjoyable for any angler looking for an alternative way to enjoy their favorite pastime!

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