What Is a Good Size Fishing Pole?

When it comes to enjoying a day of fishing, having the right size fishing pole is essential for success. Not only does it provide the necessary power to cast your line and bring in a big catch, but it also helps you manage the weight of your line and fish. Whether you’re an amateur or an experienced fisher, having the right sized fishing pole is important.

Pole Length

The length of your fishing pole plays a large role in determining what size is best for you. Generally speaking, shorter poles are better suited for smaller bodies of water or casting lighter lures, while longer poles provide more power and distance when you’re casting into larger bodies of water. When purchasing a pole, consider how far away from shore you plan on casting and how much weight you’ll be carrying with your line.

Rod Action

The action of your rod is also important when determining what size fishing pole to buy. Rod action refers to how flexible and sensitive the rod is when casting and retrieving your line.

Slow action rods are more flexible than fast action rods, so they are better suited for small streams and light lures. On the other hand, fast action rods have greater sensitivity which makes them ideal for larger bodies of water with heavier lines.

Power Rating

In addition to length and rod action, power ratings can help determine the best size fishing pole for a particular angler. Power ratings refer to how much pressure a rod can handle before breaking down and refer to the strength of the blank (the material from which all rods are made). Light power poles are great for small lures where precision is key; medium power poles offer more versatility; heavier power poles can handle bigger lures or heavier lines.


When choosing a good sized fishing pole, consider its length, rod action, and power rating in order to make sure that it suits both your technique as well as the type of fish that you intend to catch. With so many options available on the market today, it’s easy to find one that fits all your needs!

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