What Is a Good Fishing Rod to Buy?

When it comes to fishing, the rod you choose can make or break your success. The right rod for you depends on what type of fish you’re going after, the environment in which you’ll be fishing, and your personal preferences. There are a few basic tips that will help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect rod for your needs.

1. Length

The length of a fishing rod determines casting distance, balance and maneuverability.

Shorter rods are easier to wield in tight spaces while longer rods can cast farther. Rods ranging from 6 to 9 feet are best for most anglers depending on their height and arm length.

2. Action

The action of a fishing rod is how much it bends when pressure is applied to it.

Fast-action rods bend only at the tip while slower-action rods bend closer to the handle. Slow action rods are great for beginners as they provide more play when a fish is hooked, but fast action rods give better control.

3. Power

Power is an indication of how much weight a rod can handle.

Heavier powers are best for larger fish like bass or walleye while lighter powers can be used for panfish or trout. Heavier powers also provide more control over larger lures and heavier lines.


Fishing rods come in several different materials including graphite, fiberglass and composite materials like carbon fiber or graphite composites. Graphite is lightweight yet strong but more expensive than other materials, while fiberglass is durable but not as flexible as graphite.

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