What Is a Good Fishing Rod for Pier Fishing?

When it comes to pier fishing, having a good rod is key. A good fishing rod should be lightweight, durable, and capable of accommodating heavier lines and reels.

It should also be comfortable to use and have the ability to cast accurately and with distance. With so many rods on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is best for pier fishing.

Rod Length

When it comes to finding the right rod for pier fishing, length is an important factor. As a general rule of thumb, shorter rods are better suited for shallow water while longer rods are better for casting in deeper waters. For pier fishing, a medium-length rod between 6-8 feet is perfect as it allows anglers to cast out further into deeper water without sacrificing accuracy.


The action of a rod is how much bend it has when under pressure. A fast action rod will bend more in the tip while a slow action will bend more throughout the entire length of the rod. When pier fishing, a medium-action rod is usually best as it offers plenty of flexibility while still providing enough power to cast out into deeper waters.


The power of the rod is determined by its weight rating or pound test line that it can handle. This rating determines how much weight the line can carry and how far you can cast with it. For pier fishing, a medium-heavy or heavy power rating is usually best as this allows you to use heavier lines and reels without sacrificing accuracy or distance.

In conclusion, when selecting a good fishing rod for pier fishing, look for one that has a medium-length (6-8 ft), medium action, and medium-heavy or heavy power rating. This combination will provide you with a reliable and comfortable rod that can easily handle heavier lines and reels whilst still allowing you to cast accurately and with distance out into deeper waters.

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