What Is a Good Finesse Fishing Rod?

Finesse fishing is a technique which involves using light tackle and small lures to catch fish. It is a popular approach for anglers looking to Target finicky fish in pressured waters, or for those just wanting to enjoy the challenge of catching smaller fish with lighter tackle.

A good finesse fishing rod can make all the difference when it comes to success in this style of fishing.

A good finesse fishing rod should be lightweight and sensitive, yet still have enough backbone to help you land the bigger fish when they bite. The length of a finesse rod will depend on what species you’re Targeting and where you plan on fishing.

Generally speaking, shorter rods are used in confined spaces like docks or shallow flats, while longer rods are better suited for open water applications such as rivers and lakes.

The rod action is also an important consideration when selecting a good finesse rod. A fast action rod will be more suitable for throwing lighter lures at greater distances, while a slower action can help you work your bait more slowly and effectively in shallow water situations.

The material that the rod is made from is also important; graphite rods are popular due to their light weight and sensitivity, but fiberglass rods may also be appropriate depending on your specific needs.


When it comes to finding the right finesse fishing rod for your needs, there are many factors to consider including length, action, material and weight. While each angler has their own preferences based on experience and personal preference, careful consideration of these factors will ensure that you find the perfect fit for your next outing.

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