What Happened to Victis in Cod Zombies?

What Happened to Victis in Cod Zombies?

In the Call of Duty Zombies storyline, Victis is a group of four characters who play a significant role in the Black Ops II and Black Ops III Zombies maps. The members of Victis are Marlton Johnson, Misty, Russman, and Samuel J. Stuhlinger.

The Journey Begins

Victis’ story begins in the map “Green Run” where they find themselves trapped in a zombie-infested area known as Hanford Site. As they fight their way through hordes of undead, they discover that their actions could potentially save the world from destruction.

Throughout their journey, Victis encounters various challenges and obstacles. They face relentless waves of zombies, powerful bosses, and even elements of the environment that try to hinder their progress.

The Great Leap Forward

In the map “Buried,” Victis discovers an underground city called Agartha. Here they learn about Maxis and Richtofen’s plans to gain control over the Aether’s energy and reshape reality. Victis is faced with a choice – assist either Maxis or Richtofen in achieving their goals.

If players choose to assist Maxis, Victis helps him gain ultimate power by completing various tasks throughout different maps. However, if players choose to assist Richtofen, Victis helps him secure his power by collecting different items and completing objectives.

The Endgame

In the final map called “Tag Der Toten,” Victis plays a crucial role in closing off the Aether storyline. They work together with Primis and Ultimis crews to defeat Dr. Monty and secure a better future for all dimensions.

The Fate of Victis

After the events of “Tag Der Toten,” the fate of Victis is left somewhat ambiguous. It is implied that they sacrifice themselves to save the multiverse. However, due to a fracture in the timeline caused by Primis and Ultimis, it is uncertain whether Victis’ actions were erased or if they still exist in an alternate reality.


The journey of Victis in the Call of Duty Zombies storyline is a captivating and complex narrative. From their humble beginnings in “Green Run” to their role in closing off the Aether storyline, Victis faces numerous challenges and makes critical decisions that shape the fate of multiple dimensions.

Through their journey, players experience intense gameplay while unravelling the mysteries surrounding Victis’ ultimate purpose.ย Whether you choose to assist Maxis or Richtofen, one thing remains clear – Victis played a crucial role in the Call of Duty Zombies storyline and left an indelible mark on the franchise’s lore.

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