What Happened to Susie Salmon in the Book?

In the book “The Lovely Bones” by Alice Sebold, the protagonist Susie Salmon is brutally murdered at the age of fourteen. The novel follows her journey as she watches over her family and friends from the afterlife.

But what exactly happened to Susie Salmon in the book? Let’s dive deeper.

The Murder

Susie Salmon was walking home from school on December 6th, 1973 when she was lured into an underground den by her neighbor, Mr. Harvey. He then raped and murdered her before dismembering her body and disposing of it in a nearby sinkhole.

The Investigation

After Susie’s disappearance, her family and friends searched for her frantically. The police were also involved in the investigation, but they could not find any evidence to link Mr. Harvey to the crime.

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Susie’s Afterlife

Despite being dead, Susie is still present in the lives of those she loved. She watches them from heaven and sees how they deal with her loss. She also meets other dead people who help her come to terms with what has happened to her.

The Killer is Caught

Years later, Susie’s little brother Buckley becomes friends with Mr. Harvey’s son. Buckley discovers a charm bracelet that belonged to Susie in Mr. Harvey’s possession and realizes that he is responsible for his sister’s death.

  • Buckley tells his parents about his discovery
  • The police are informed and search Mr. Harvey’s home where they find evidence linking him to other murders as well
  • Mr. Harvey flees but eventually commits suicide before he can be caught by the police

Susie’s Legacy

Although Susie’s life was cut short, her legacy lives on. Her family and friends never forget her and continue to honor her memory. Her death also brings them closer together and helps them realize the importance of cherishing their time together.


In “The Lovely Bones”, Susie Salmon’s murder is a tragic event that affects everyone in her life. The book explores themes of grief, loss, and healing in a unique way that captivates readers. The article becomes visually engaging as well as informative.

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