What Happened to Orvis Fly Fishing App?

Orvis Fly Fishing App: A Tale of Disappearance

The Orvis fly fishing app was once a popular tool for anglers. It provided useful information on the best places to fish, as well as tips and advice for improving one’s fishing skills.

It also had a marketplace where anglers could buy and sell tackle and other fly fishing supplies. Unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties, the app is no longer available.

The app was originally developed in 2011 by Orvis, an American retailer specializing in high-end outdoor gear. The idea was to provide anglers with all the information and resources they needed for successful fly fishing. The app also featured detailed maps of local waterways and a community forum where users could share tips and experiences.

However, after several years of use, the app began experiencing technical difficulties that caused it to crash frequently. This led to a decrease in user engagement and the eventual decision to remove it from the Apple App Store in 2016. Despite attempts by Orvis to fix the issues and bring back the app, they were unsuccessful.

Since then, there have been multiple reports of users trying to access the app but being unable to do so. Some have even gone so far as to complain about it on social media platforms such as Twitter. Despite these complaints, Orvis has yet to make any official statements regarding what happened to their fly fishing app.


What happened to Orvis Fly Fishing App still remains unknown despite several attempts by users trying to access it. The company has yet to make any official statements regarding what exactly caused its disappearance from the Apple App Store in 2016. However, due to some technical difficulties that led it crashing frequently, this is most likely what caused its demise.

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