What Happened to OpTic Gaming Cod?

What Happened to OpTic Gaming Cod?

OpTic Gaming, one of the most prominent names in the competitive Call of Duty (CoD) scene, has a rich history and a massive fan following. However, in recent years, the organization has faced several significant changes and challenges that have left fans wondering what happened to OpTic Gaming Cod.

The Rise of OpTic Gaming

OpTic Gaming was founded in 2006 by Ryan “OpTic J” Musselman. Initially, the organization focused on content creation around competitive gaming and quickly gained recognition through their YouTube channel.

As Call of Duty esports began to grow, OpTic Gaming decided to venture into professional gaming and became a dominant force in the CoD scene.

Over the years, OpTic Gaming Cod achieved numerous victories and established itself as one of the top teams in the world.

Turbulent Times: Acquisition and Departure

In 2019, Immortals Gaming Club (IGC) acquired Infinite Esports & Entertainment, which included OpTic Gaming. This acquisition brought significant changes to the organization.

The CoD team was rebranded as the Los Angeles Guerrillas while retaining some former members of OpTic Gaming.

However, this acquisition marked a turning point for OpTic Gaming Cod. Many iconic players and personalities associated with OpTic left or parted ways with the organization due to creative differences or contractual issues.

The Greenwall’s Dismay

The departure of key figures like Seth “Scump” Abner and Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag caused an uproar within OpTic Gaming’s passionate fanbase, known as the Greenwall. The Greenwall had been a loyal and dedicated community that supported OpTic through thick and thin.

The loss of these beloved players created a void that was difficult to fill for both OpTic Gaming and its fans.

New Beginnings: OpTic Chicago

After the acquisition by IGC, the remnants of OpTic Gaming Cod found a new home in the city they once represented. The team was rebranded as OpTic Chicago, aiming to recapture the glory days of OpTic Gaming.

Under the leadership of Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez, a co-founder of OpTic Gaming who returned to the organization, OpTic Chicago has been rebuilding its roster and fanbase. The team is determined to regain its former dominance in the competitive CoD scene.

The Road Ahead

OpTic Chicago faces tough competition from other established teams and emerging talents in Call of Duty. However, with their rich history, dedicated fanbase, and experienced leadership, there is hope for a successful resurgence.

  • List item 1: As OpTic Chicago continues to evolve, fans eagerly await their journey back to greatness.
  • List item 2: The organization is actively working on rebuilding a formidable roster capable of challenging for championships.
  • List item 3: With renewed determination and support from their ever-loyal Greenwall, OpTic Gaming Cod may once again rise to prominence.

In Conclusion

OpTic Gaming Cod has gone through significant changes and challenges in recent years. The acquisition by IGC led to departures of key players and a rebranding of the CoD team as OpTic Chicago.

However, with their passionate fanbase and strong leadership, OpTic Gaming Cod aims to recapture its former glory. Only time will tell if they can rise again and make their mark in the competitive Call of Duty scene.

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