What Happened to Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine?

When Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine first debuted in 1998, it was an immediate hit with avid anglers. The quarterly publication focused on the Northwest region and included expert advice, destination reviews, gear reviews, and of course, fishing stories from some of the best anglers in the area. It quickly became a favorite among fly fishing enthusiasts and was often referred to as “the bible” for fly fishing in the region.

For many years, Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine provided incredible content that kept readers coming back issue after issue. The magazine went through a redesign in 2012 with a new logo and updated layout which made it even more popular. It continued to be a go-to source of information for fly fishermen in the Pacific Northwest.

However, as with many publications during the digital age, Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine faced declining readership over time. After 17 years of successful publication, the magazine announced its closure in 2015 citing lower subscription numbers as the primary reason for their decision.

The news was met with disappointment from many longtime readers who had come to rely on the magazine for their fly fishing information. Despite efforts to save it by introducing new content and revamping its website, subscriptions never rebounded enough to keep it afloat.


Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine enjoyed significant success for 17 years before ultimately going out of business due to declining subscription numbers.

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Emma Gibson