What Happened to American Fly Fishing Magazine?

American Fly Fishing Magazine was once one of the most read publications in the world for those interested in fly fishing. It was launched in 2003 and quickly became a leader in the industry for news, information and advice about fly fishing.

The magazine featured articles from top experts on topics such as techniques, gear, conservation and more. It also featured stories from some of the most famous names in fly fishing such as Lefty Kreh, Gary Borger, and Bob Clouser. In addition to articles, the magazine also featured stunning photography of fish, scenery and anglers that made it a must-read for any serious angler.

American Fly Fishing Magazine continued to grow until 2011 when it suddenly ceased publication. This was due to a variety of reasons including a decrease in readership and an increase in competition from other magazines. As digital media began to take over the print industry, American Fly Fishing Magazine could not keep up with the pace of change and eventually had to close its doors.

Despite its closure, American Fly Fishing Magazine left behind a legacy of providing insightful information on one of America’s favorite pastimes – fly fishing. The magazine was able to bring together some of the finest minds in fly fishing for 10 years before it had to close its doors. Although it is no longer around today, it still serves as an inspiration for anglers all over the world who continue to practice their favorite sport with passion and dedication.


American Fly Fishing Magazine was once a leader in its field but due to increasing competition from digital media sources combined with declining readership, it had to cease publication in 2011. Despite its closure, it still serves as an inspiration for passionate anglers all over the world who dedicate themselves to this beloved sport.

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