What Happened to All on the Line Fishing Show?

All on the Line Fishing Show was a long-running show that ran on the Outdoor channel from 2010 to 2014. The show was hosted by brothers and fishing experts, Captain Jeff and Captain Mike Galvin. The show followed the brothers as they traveled to various fishing destinations around the world, sharing their knowledge about the sport with viewers.

The Galvin brothers had a great passion for fishing and wanted to share it with anyone who would watch. Each episode featured a variety of fish species, such as tarpon, redfish, snook, grouper, and more.

They also taught viewers how to identify different species and how to best fish in each location. In addition, they shared tips on tackle selection and proper casting techniques.

The show also featured interviews with local anglers and experts in the industry who shared their insights about the sport. The Galvin brothers were always eager to learn from others about their experiences in the sport of fishing.

Sadly, after four seasons on air All on the Line Fishing Show came to an end in 2014 when it was canceled by the Outdoor Channel due to low ratings. Despite attempts by fans of the show to save it from cancellation, it never returned for a fifth season and has remained off air ever since.

The legacy of All on the Line Fishing Show lives on through its loyal fan base who continue to share stories about their favorite episodes online. Fans fondly remember Jeff and Mike’s unique personalities and enthusiasm for fishing which made them such entertaining hosts for so many years.

Conclusion: What happened to All on the Line Fishing Show? After four successful seasons, it was unfortunately canceled by the Outdoor Channel due to low ratings in 2014 leaving fans disappointed but still cherishing fond memories of its entertaining hosts – Jeff and Mike Galvin – who shared their passion for fishing with viewers around the world during its run.

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