What Gear Do You Need to Go Spearfishing?

Spearfishing is a great way to enjoy nature and spend time with friends, but before you set out to sea you need to make sure you are outfitted with the right gear. Having the proper equipment can make all the difference between a successful spearfishing trip and one that ends in disappointment. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to gear, but there are some essential items that everyone should have.

Speargun: The most important piece of gear for spearfishing is a speargun. A speargun is a device used to shoot a spear into fish at close range.

Spearguns come in all shapes and sizes and can be made of metal or plastic. It’s important to choose one that fits your budget and experience level, as they range from simple hand-held guns to high-tech devices with sophisticated Targeting systems.

Wetsuit: A wetsuit is an essential piece of equipment for any spearfisher as it will keep you warm in the cold water. Wetsuits come in various thicknesses depending on the water temperature, so make sure you choose the right one for your needs. Most wetsuits also come with built-in buoyancy aids, which help keep you afloat.

Mask & Snorkel: A mask and snorkel allow you to stay underwater for longer periods of time while still being able to breathe easily. Masks come in many styles, such as full face masks or traditional masks with separate snorkels. Make sure the mask fits your face properly so that it doesn’t leak when submerged.

Fins: Fins are an essential piece of gear for any spearfisher as they allow you to move through the water quickly and efficiently. There are many different types of fins available, including split fins, open heel fins and full foot fins. Choose one that fits your budget and experience level.

Weight Belt: A weight belt helps keep you submerged underwater by counteracting your natural buoyancy. This can help make it easier to stay still while waiting for a fish to get close enough for a shot.

Weight belts come in various sizes depending on how much weight is needed.


With these essential pieces of gear, you’ll be ready for an exciting day of spearfishing! Having the proper equipment will not only keep you safe but also help make your trip more enjoyable by increasing your chances of success while out on the water. So don’t forget to stock up before heading out!

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