What Fishing Rod Does Roland Martin Use?

Roland Martin is one of the most successful professional anglers in the world. He is a four-time Bassmaster Classic champion, and he has over 100 professional tournament wins. As an avid angler, Roland Martin has a lot of experience with different fishing rods, and he knows what works best for him.

Roland Martin uses a custom-made graphite composite rod for most of his fishing needs. Graphite composite rods are usually lighter than traditional rods and have greater sensitivity, allowing anglers to feel even the slightest nibble on their line. This type of rod also provides good power and precision when casting and retrieving lures.

For crankbaiting, Roland Martin prefers to use a custom-made medium-heavy action rod from Ardent Tackle. The Ardent rod is made from high-quality graphite material that gives it plenty of power while still allowing for great sensitivity. Roland also likes to use an Ardent spinnerbait rod for slower presentations like pitching or flipping his lures into tight spots where accuracy is essential.

When Targeting big bass or other large fish species, Roland Martin opts for an extra-heavy action rod manufactured by American Rodsmiths. This type of rod is incredibly strong and durable, making it ideal for battling large fish with powerful runs and head shakes. The extra-heavy action also provides more control when working lures in deep water or heavy cover situations where larger hooksets are needed to get the fish out of cover quickly.

No matter what type of fishing he’s doing, Roland Martin always relies on quality equipment that will help him catch more fish on any given day. He knows that having the right gear is essential if you want to be successful out on the water and he’s always willing to experiment with different rods until he finds something that works perfectly for him.

In conclusion, Roland Martin uses a custom-made graphite composite rod for most of his regular fishing needs as well as dedicated crankbait and spinnerbait rods from Ardent Tackle and an extra-heavy action American Rodsmiths rod when Targeting larger species such as largemouth bass or pike. By having the right gear, Roland can make sure that he has all the tools necessary to succeed out on the water every time he goes fishing!

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