What Fishing Rod Does Jeremy Wade Use?

Jeremy Wade, known for his popular TV show River Monsters, is an avid fisherman who has spent decades travelling around the world in search of the most elusive and dangerous freshwater fish. As a result, he has developed an extensive knowledge of the fishing industry, and has become well-known for using some of the most advanced and sophisticated fishing rods available.

When it comes to his choice of rods, Jeremy Wade opts for custom-made rods designed by himself. He prefers light but strong graphite composite rods with a sensitive tip that can detect even the faintest bites from fish lurking in the depths below.

His rods also feature a slow action which gives him more control over his fishing line and allows him to feel every bite.

In addition to this, Jeremy Wade also likes to use unique lures that are designed to attract specific species of fish. He often uses baits such as worms and leeches which are effective for catching catfish, bass and other freshwater species. His lures can range from simple plastic worms to complex artificial lures depending on what kind of fish he is Targeting.

Finally, Jeremy Wade also uses a variety of specialized reels which are designed to give him greater control over his line while out on the water. The reels he chooses are typically made from lightweight materials such as aluminum or carbon fiber, allowing him to cast further distances with ease.

Jeremy Wade uses custom-made graphite composite rods with slow action tips, unique lures created specifically for Targetting different species of fish and lightweight reels made from aluminum or carbon fiber in order to give himself greater control over his line while out on the water. This combination makes up Jeremy Wade’s go-to setup when it comes to fishing!

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