What Fishing Pole Does Jeremy Wade Use?

Jeremy Wade is one of the world’s most renowned anglers, having spent over thirty years travelling the globe to fish for some of the rarest and most beautiful species of freshwater and saltwater fish. He’s also one of the stars of Animal Planet’s hit series “River Monsters,” where he uses his expertise to identify and capture some of the most dangerous and elusive fish in the world. The question on everyone’s mind is: what fishing pole does Jeremy Wade use?

The answer might surprise you: it varies. While Wade has been known to use a variety of poles, he generally has a preference for spinning rods made by Japanese manufacturer Shimano.

These rods are designed with a lightweight yet strong graphite blank, which provides enhanced sensitivity and casting accuracy. Shimano also makes quality reels that provide smooth, reliable performance in all conditions.

Wade typically chooses his rod based on the type of fish he is Targeting, as well as the environment he will be fishing in. For instance, for chasing big pike or musky in northern lakes or rivers, he prefers longer rods made from stiffer material like fiberglass or graphite-fiberglass blends for increased strength and power. He also likes to use shorter rods when fishing for smaller species like trout or bass in tight spaces like streams or ponds.

When it comes to lures and bait, Wade has his own preferences too. He prefers to use soft-plastic lures when Targeting bass and other predatory species, while using live bait such as worms or crayfish when fishing for catfish or carp in rivers and lakes. He also uses artificial lures such as spoons or spinners when trolling for walleye or other game fish in open water scenarios like lakes and oceans.

No matter what pole Jeremy Wade uses, one thing remains true – anglers everywhere can learn a lot from his experiences on “River Monsters.” From choosing the right rod to selecting the right lure, there are many lessons that can be learned from his vast knowledge of the sport and passion for exploration on every episode.


Jeremy Wade is an experienced angler who has travelled extensively around the world looking for rare and unusual species of freshwater and saltwater fish. He typically prefers Shimano spinning rods due to their lightweight design and superior casting accuracy, although he does vary his rod selection depending on the type of fish being Targeted as well as the environment conditions being fished in.

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