What Fishing Pole Does Andy Bennett Use?

Andy Bennett is a popular fisherman and YouTube sensation. He has been fishing since he was a young boy and has since gained quite the reputation for being one of the best anglers out there.

He’s also known for his unique style of fishing, which he often showcases on his YouTube channel. His go-to fishing pole is the Daiwa Tatula CT Type R Bass Casting Rod.

The Daiwa Tatula CT Type R Bass Casting Rod is a unique rod that was designed for bass fishing. It features a light but powerful blank made from high-quality materials, and the rod is constructed to be both light and strong.

The blank is reinforced with graphite, making it extremely durable yet still lightweight enough to be maneuvered easily. The handle is ergonomic and designed to fit comfortably in your hand while providing you with maximum control over your casts.

In addition to its strength and durability, the Daiwa Tatula CT Type R Bass Casting Rod also features Fuji Alconite guides which are designed to reduce friction when casting and retrieving your lure or bait. This ensures that you get maximum distance on your casts while also providing you with smooth line lay during retrieval. The rod also comes with an exposed reel seat which makes it easier to adjust your reel when changing lures or baits.

Andy Bennett uses the Daiwa Tatula CT Type R Bass Casting Rod for his fishing trips. It provides him with an easy-to-use rod that is both lightweight yet strong, as well as featuring Fuji Alconite guides for reduced friction when casting and retrieving lures or baits. With this rod Andy Bennett has been able to showcase his unique style of fishing on his YouTube channel, becoming one of the most popular anglers around!

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