What Fishing Line Is 20lbs?

Fishing line is a critical component of any angler’s tackle box. Different types of fishing line have different weights and strengths, and the type of fishing line you choose will depend on the type of fish you’re Targeting and the environment you’re fishing in.

A 20lb test line is a heavy-duty monofilament line, designed for larger game fish such as bass, muskie, pike, catfish, and salmon. It is also commonly used for trolling and bottom fishing.


  • 20lb test line has a good balance between strength and flexibility.
  • It is strong enough to handle larger game fish without breaking.
  • Its strong enough to resist abrasion from rocks or other obstacles in the water.
  • It has minimal stretch so it can detect even subtle bites.


  • 20lb test line is thicker than lighter weights, which can make casting difficult if you’re using a light rod.
  • It’s also more expensive than lighter lines , so if you’re not Targeting large game fish it may not be worth the extra expense.


20lb test fishing line is an excellent choice for anglers Targeting larger game fish such as bass, muskie, pike, catfish, or salmon. It has great strength and flexibility with minimal stretch for detecting subtle bites.

It does come with some drawbacks – it’s thicker than lighter weights which can make casting difficult with light rods and it can be more expensive than other lines – but overall it’s a great option for big game anglers.

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