What Fishing License Do I Need for Norris Lake?

Norris Lake is a popular destination for anglers across the state of Tennessee. With its wide variety of fish species and easy access to boat ramps, Norris Lake is a great spot for fishing.

But before you can cast your line, you need to make sure that you have the proper fishing license.

In the state of Tennessee, all anglers 16 years old and over must possess a valid state fishing license in order to legally fish. The type of license required depends on what type of fishing you plan on doing.

If you plan on keeping your catch or using a boat, then you’ll need to purchase an annual sport fishing license. This license allows for unlimited rod and reel fishing, with some exceptions like trout and salmon which require additional stamps.

If you plan on fishing from shore or a dock without keeping your catch, then you can purchase either an annual or 3-day non-resident shore/dock fishing license. This license is valid for bank or pier fishing only and does not allow for any other activities such as boating or using a cast net.

If you are under 16 years old, then no license is required as long as they are accompanied by an adult with a valid Tennessee Fishing License. Additionally, anglers who are residents of Tennessee but are over 65 years old do not need to purchase a state fishing license in order to legally fish.


So if you’re planning on heading out to Norris Lake for some fun in the sun and delicious catches, make sure that you have the proper licenses in hand before casting your line! Depending on what type of activities you plan on doing while at Norris Lake (keep your catch or use a boat) will determine what type of Tennessee Fishing License is needed.

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