What Fish Do You Catch Fly Fishing in Montana?

Fly fishing in Montana is a popular activity for many anglers. This scenic state is home to large rivers, mountain streams, and small creeks that all offer excellent fly fishing opportunities. With so many different types of water, it can be difficult to know what fish you should Target when fly fishing in Montana.


The most popular species to Target when fly fishing in Montana is trout. Montana is home to several different species of trout, including brown trout, rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, brook trout, lake trout, and bull trout. Each of these species can be found in different types of water across the state.

For example, brown and rainbow trout are typically found in large rivers and streams while brook and cutthroat trout are more commonly found in small creeks and high mountain streams.


Another popular species to Target when fly fishing in Montana is the Arctic grayling. These fish have become increasingly popular amongst fly anglers due to their willingness to take a dry fly or nymph pattern. Grayling can be found throughout much of the state but they are most commonly found in cold clear spring-fed creeks and small rivers.

Pike & Muskie

In addition to the two species mentioned above, pike and muskie also inhabit many of the lakes in Montana. Both species can provide an exciting fight on a light weight rod and offer an alternative to Targeting other species such as trout or grayling. Fly fishing for pike and muskie requires larger flies than those used for smaller fish so it’s important to have the right setup before heading out.


Fly fishing in Montana offers anglers a unique opportunity to Target several different species of fish. The most popular species include brown and rainbow trout as well as Arctic grayling but other species such as pike and muskie can also be Targeted if you have the right setup. No matter what type of water you are fishing or what type of fish you are Targeting, there is something for everyone when it comes to fly fishing in Montana!

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