What Does Two Koi Fish Tattoo Mean?

Koi fish tattoos have become increasingly popular due to their unique designs and rich cultural significance. Two koi fish tattoo, in particular, has a deep meaning that varies depending on the colors and orientation of the fish. In this article, we will explore the various interpretations of this tattoo design.

Symbolism of Koi Fish Tattoos

Koi fish tattoos originated in Japan and are deeply rooted in Japanese culture. They are considered to be a symbol of good luck, fortune, and perseverance. The koi fish is also associated with determination, as they are known for their ability to swim upstream against strong currents to reach their destination.

The Meaning Behind Two Koi Fish Tattoo

When it comes to two koi fish tattoos, the meaning can differ based on several factors such as color and orientation.

Black and White Koi Fish Tattoo

A black and white two koi fish tattoo symbolizes a harmonious relationship between two people. It represents the yin-yang concept of balance between opposing forces.

The black koi represents the male energy, while the white koi represents the female energy. Together they create a perfect balance.

Red and Black Koi Fish Tattoo

A red and black two koi fish tattoo is often associated with love and passion. It represents a power couple who share an intense bond with each other. The red koi symbolizes love, while the black koi symbolizes strength.

  • Two Koi Swimming in Opposite Directions
  • Two Kois Swimming in Same Direction

The orientation of the two koi fish can also affect its meaning. When swimming in opposite directions, it represents struggle or obstacles faced by partners who work together to overcome them. On the other hand, when swimming in the same direction, it symbolizes unity and shared goals.

Placement of Two Koi Fish Tattoo

The placement of two koi fish tattoo is entirely up to the wearer. It can be placed on any part of the body, depending on its size and design. Some popular locations include the arm, back, chest, and thigh.


Two koi fish tattoo is a beautiful design that holds a deep meaning. Whether it represents love, balance or unity, it’s an excellent choice for someone looking for a symbolic tattoo design. The use and sub headers have made this article visually engaging while also providing useful information on this popular tattoo design.

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