What Does Mending Mean in Fly Fishing?

Mending is an important technique for any fly fisherman and is the process of manipulating the line and the current in order to makes sure the fly is presented in a natural and effective way. It’s used when casting your line upstream so that it drifts naturally downstream, allowing the fly to drift at the same speed as the current. Mending can be done by using either hand mends or rod mends.

Hand mends are done with your free hand while you’re holding your rod in your other hand.

You can use this technique to move a section of your line upstream or downstream so that it creates a slack line that will allow your fly to drift naturally through the water. Hand mends are especially useful when you’re fishing on smaller streams or rivers where there isn’t much room for back casts. They also come in handy if you need to adjust the direction of your fly in order to imitate a certain insect’s movement or to avoid spooking fish.

Rod mends are done by moving your rod tip upstream or downstream while keeping your line tight against it, creating a loop that will allow for more control over how quickly or slowly you want your fly to move with the current. This technique is particularly useful when fishing from larger bodies of water since it allows you to make accurate casts and create loops of different sizes depending on how much slack line you need.

Overall, mending can be an invaluable tool for any angler looking to become a more successful fisher. It not only allows them to present their flies more naturally but also helps them increase their accuracy so they can reach fish that may otherwise be difficult to Target with traditional cast-and-retrieve techniques. With practice, anyone can learn how to effectively use these two techniques and become a better angler.

Conclusion: Mending is an essential technique for any fly fisherman looking to improve their success rate out on the water.

It involves manipulating both the line and current so that flies are presented naturally and accurately, which can help catch those fish that may otherwise be difficult to reach. Hand mends and rod mends are two techniques used by anglers which, with practice, anyone can learn how to use effectively.

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