What Does Fishing Rod Do in PvP?

A fishing rod is an important tool in Player vs. Player (PvP) combat in order to gain the upper hand against an opponent.

Fishing rods provide a way to catch opponents off guard or to gain an advantage in a fight. In PvP, a fishing rod can be used for bait and lure an opponent into a trap or can be used to block attacks from the enemy.


A fishing rod can be used as bait to lure opponents into a trap or set-up. By baiting an opponent with a fishing pole, they are more likely to make mistakes as they attempt to attack you or flee from your attacks. This gives the player who is wielding the rod an opportunity to gain the upper hand in any fight.

Block Attacks

In addition, a fishing rod can be used as a defensive tool by blocking enemy attacks and preventing them from doing damage. This is especially useful when facing multiple opponents since it allows you to focus on one enemy at a time while blocking any incoming attacks from others. The longer you manage to keep your enemies away, the more likely you are to win the fight.


Fishing rods can also be used for setting up traps for opponents. By creating obstacles with your rod, you can slow down or stop your opponent’s progress and give yourself time to prepare for their attack or flee from danger if necessary. Traps are especially effective when fighting multiple enemies since it provides protection against their combined onslaught while allowing you time to strategize and plan your next move.


Fishing rods are essential tools in PvP combat due to their ability to bait, block attacks and set up traps for opponents. By utilizing these features of the fishing rod, players can gain the upper hand against their adversaries and emerge victorious in any conflict they may face.

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