What Does a Fishing Line Spooler Do?

A fishing line spooler is a device used to wind line onto a fishing reel. It helps to evenly distribute the line, so that it can be used for casting and retrieving. The spooler also helps to reduce the amount of time spent winding line onto the reel, as well as reducing the amount of effort needed to do so.

A spooler typically consists of two main components: a base and a rotating arm. The base is usually made out of metal or plastic and has an adjustable tension knob.

This knob determines how tight the line is wound onto the reel. The rotating arm has a handle and a hub at its center, which holds the spool of line in place. When turned, it winds the line onto the reel evenly and efficiently.

Using a spooler also helps to prevent tangles in your fishing line. By winding it properly, there will be less chance for snags or knots that can cause tangles and weaken your line over time. Additionally, using a spooler makes it easy to monitor how much line you have left on your reel so that you can replenish your supply when necessary.

How To Use A Fishing Line Spooler

Using a fishing line spooler is relatively simple and requires minimal effort:

  • Put your reel on the base: Place your reel on the adjustable base so that it is secure and won’t move while you are winding in or out.
  • Attach your line: Thread one end of your fishing line through one of the guides on your reel then through one of the guides on your spooler’s hub.
  • Start winding: Turn the handle on your spooler’s arm until all of your desired amount of fishing line is wound onto your reel.
  • Securely tighten: Once all of the desired length has been wound in, use the tension knob on your spooler’s base to securely tighten it.
  • Remove from Base: Finally, remove your reel from its base by gently turning it counterclockwise until it comes loose.


Fishing Line Spoolers are an extremely useful piece of equipment for any avid angler looking to easily wind up their lines without having to put too much effort into it. Not only do they help you save time but they also help keep lines tangle free and ensure even distribution throughout reels for maximum performance when casting or retrieving lures or bait . By following these simple steps, you can easily use this tool for all types of fishing needs!

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