What Do You Wear to a Snorkeling Tour?

Exploring the underwater world through snorkeling is a fantastic option for non-professional divers. It is simple, enjoyable, and accessible to everyone!

With such an enjoyable activity comes certain guidelines, one of the most important being what to wear for a snorkeling tour.

The first thing you should consider when choosing your outfit is comfort. Wearing clothes that are too tight or too baggy can not only be uncomfortable but also dangerous while in the water.

Choose something that fits well and won’t restrict movement. Opt for lightweight materials that won’t feel heavy when wet, like Lycra, cotton, or nylon.


Next up is your footwear. Wear something that will protect your feet from the hot sand, sharp rocks and sea creatures like jellyfish!

Flip flops are ideal as they’re easy to slip on and off and they also provide quick-drying traction so you don’t have to worry about slipping on wet surfaces. Alternatively, you can opt for aqua socks which offer more protection from getting stung or injured.


A wide-brimmed sun hat is a must for any snorkeling trip as it will protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Not only will it keep you cool but it will also reduce the risk of sunburns and skin damage.

Protective Clothing Accessories:

In addition to your clothing, remember to bring along some protective accessories like sunglasses with UV protection lenses, rash guard shirts (which provide extra sun protection), and waterproof sunscreen.

To ensure an enjoyable snorkeling experience, it’s important to dress appropriately. Choose something comfortable that fits well and won’t restrict movement in the water.

Be sure to wear footwear that will protect your feet from hot sand and sharp rocks, as well as a wide-brimmed hat for sun protection. Additionally, bring along sunglasses with UV protection lenses and waterproof sunscreen for added safety.

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