What Do You Put on a Fly Fishing Lanyard?

Fly fishing is an activity that requires a great amount of knowledge, skill and preparation. One of the most important pieces of equipment that a fly fisherman needs is a lanyard. A lanyard is a cord or strap, usually worn around the neck, used to carry various items needed for fly fishing such as flies, tippet material and other tools.

When choosing what to put on a fly fishing lanyard, it is important to remember that the lanyard should be lightweight and streamlined. The items on the lanyard should be chosen based on the type of fly fishing you are doing, as some tools may be more useful in certain scenarios than others.

Flies: Flies are an essential item for any fly fisherman and should be included on every lanyard. The type of flies you will need will depend on the species you are Targeting as well as what time of year it is.

It’s best to have a variety of sizes and colors available so you can match whatever hatch might be occurring at the time you are fishing.

Tippet Material: Tippet material is used to create leader systems when tying knots between your line and flies. This material is lightweight and can be stored easily on your lanyard so that it’s always available when needed.

Tools: A variety of tools may come in handy while out on the water, including forceps or hemostats for removing hooks from fish or picking out weeds from lines, nail clippers for trimming tippet material, clamps for attaching leaders to lines, and floatant for making sure your flies stay afloat. Having these items readily available can make all the difference when it comes to having a successful day out on the water.

Other Items: Other items that may come in handy include strike indicators or split shot weights if you are nymphing, or dry shakes if you are dry fly fishing. Sunscreen and bug spray can also come in handy while out on the water all day.

In conclusion, what you put on your fly fishing lanyard will depend largely upon your individual needs while out on the water. Flies, tippet material and various tools should all be included in order to ensure you have everything you need when needed most. Other items such as strike indicators or sunscreen may also come in handy depending upon what type of fly fishing situation you find yourself in.

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