What Do You Put in a Lanyard for Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing is an enjoyable and rewarding sport that can take you to some of the most beautiful places in the world. To be successful, it’s important to have the right gear.

When heading out for a day of fly fishing, it’s essential to have a lanyard to keep your essential tools with you at all times.

A lanyard is a piece of cord or strap with loops or hooks on each end that is used for carrying items such as keys, knives, or other tools. When it comes to fly fishing, having a lanyard is especially helpful since it keeps your gear close at hand and eliminates the need for juggling multiple items when casting or changing flies.

The first item you should include in your fly fishing lanyard is a pair of forceps or hemostats. These are indispensable tools for removing hooks from fish and handling delicate flies without damaging them. It’s also important to include a line clipper if you are fishing with a leader; these make quick work of snipping tippet and making mid-stream adjustments.

Another must-have item for any fly fisher is a pair of nippers, which are small scissors used for trimming leader material and knotting off tippets. Nippers can also come in handy for cutting monofilament line, so having one on your lanyard can be very helpful when out on the water.

One final item that should be included in any fly fisherman’s lanyard is a tippet holder. This device allows you to easily store different sizes and lengths of tippet material so they stay organized while out on the water.

In conclusion, what do you put in a lanyard for fly fishing? The answer is simple: forceps, line clippers, nippers, and a tippet holder. Having these items with you on every trip will help make sure your time spent fly fishing will be successful!

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