What Do You Need in Your Fly Fishing Vest?

Fly fishing is a unique and enjoyable type of fishing that requires a specific set of gear. Most fly anglers have a custom-made vest or bag to keep all their supplies organized and safe. Knowing what to put in your fly fishing vest can be the difference between a successful outing and an unsuccessful one.

First, you need to make sure you have the basic tools of the trade. A good pair of scissors, forceps, needle nose pliers, and a line clipper are essential for every angler. These items will help you tie knots, cut line, remove hooks from fish, and generally make your life easier while out on the water.

Second, make sure you have plenty of flies handy. Your selection should include dry flies for topwater fishing, streamers for subsurface action, nymphs for deeper locations, and poppers to attract big bass. It’s also helpful to bring along some extra tippet material and leaders for any repairs or replacements that might be needed.

You should also consider bringing some other items with you on your trip:

Sunscreen – Even on cloudy days the sun’s rays can be intense while out on the water so always bring sunscreen with you. A hat with a wide brim can also provide additional protection from UV rays.

Bug spray – Bugs are an unfortunate part of summertime fly fishing so make sure you have some bug spray with you for those times when the bugs get really bad.

Floatant – Floatant helps keep your dry flies floating high on the surface even after multiple casts. It’s an invaluable tool for anglers who like to fish topwater patterns.

A camera – You don’t want to forget this item if you are planning on catching any fish! A waterproof camera is best but any camera will do as long as it’s protected from water damage.

Finally, there are some accessories that will help make your outing more enjoyable:

Lip balm – Dry lips can be very uncomfortable while out in the sun all day so having lip balm handy can help keep them moisturized.

Snacks – Make sure to pack some snacks in case you get hungry while out on the water. Trail mix or energy bars are great options that won’t weigh down your vest too much.

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