What Do You Need for Spearfishing?

Spearfishing is an ancient tradition that has been used for both recreational and subsistence fishing. It is a method of fishing that uses a specialized spear to catch fish, usually while free diving or snorkeling.

Spearfishing requires skill, endurance and the right equipment to be successful. Here is what you need for spearfishing:


The most important piece of equipment in spearfishing is the spear itself. There are several types of spears available, including pneumatic spears, which use compressed air to shoot the spear; traditional polespears, which use a long pole with a barb at the end; and Hawaiian sling spears, which are shot with a slingshot motion. The type of spear you choose should depend on your skill level and type of fish you are trying to catch.

Mask and Snorkel:

A good mask and snorkel are essential for successful spearfishing. A mask allows you to see clearly underwater while snorkeling and provides protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

A quality snorkel helps you stay submerged longer while searching for fish. Look for models that are comfortable and fit securely.


Weights help keep you submerged in the water while searching for fish. Weights can be worn around your waist or attached to your feet, depending on your preference. Choose weights that are comfortable and provide enough buoyancy to keep you at the depth you want.


A wetsuit is essential if you plan on spending any amount of time underwater while spearfishing. Wetsuits help keep your body temperature regulated so you can stay submerged longer without getting too cold. Look for wetsuits made specifically for diving or Spearfishing as they provide more flexibility than regular wetsuits.


Gloves help protect your hands from cuts on coral or rocks while diving underwater. They also provide extra grip when handling slippery fish or rocks during hunting trips. Choose gloves that are lightweight but still offer adequate protection from stinging sea creatures like jellyfish.


Spearfishing requires skill, endurance, and proper equipment in order to be successful. The most important piece of equipment is the spear itself, but other items such as masks & snorkels, weights, wetsuits and gloves will help make your fishing trips more enjoyable and productive.

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