What Do I Need to Build My Own Fishing Rod?

Building your own fishing rod can be a great way to customize the tools you use while out on the water. Not only can it be a fun hobby to take up, but it also allows you to tailor your rod to fit the type of fishing you plan on doing.

To build your own fishing rod, you will need a few essential items.

Rod Blanks

The most important part of any fishing rod is the blank, which is the base for all components. Rod blanks come in different lengths and materials that vary in strength and flexibility.

Selecting a blank material like graphite or fiberglass will depend on the type of fish you are Targeting, as certain blanks are better suited for specific species and techniques.

Reel Seats

The reel seat is what holds your reel in place at the bottom of the rod. There are several types available; however, most feature some sort of locking mechanism that allows you to easily attach and secure your reel. Reel seats come with different sizes and styles, so finding one that fits both your blank and reel is important.


Guides help direct and control the line during casting and retrieving, so choosing one that fits your blank size and line weight is essential. Generally speaking, larger guides will accommodate heavier lines while smaller guides are better for lighter lines. You also have options when it comes to guide material with both stainless steel and ceramic being popular choices.


Grips provide comfort when holding a rod for long periods of time while out on the water. Most grips are made from cork or foam material, with some having rubberized coatings for additional durability. Additionally, many grips come with decorative accents like rings or cork rings that add a personal touch.


Building your own fishing rod can be an exciting project that allows you to customize your gear according to what type of fish you plan on catching. To do this successfully requires some essential items such as rod blanks, reel seats, guides, and grips – so make sure to choose wisely.

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