What Color Fishing Line Is Best?

When it comes to fishing, having the right type of line is key. The color of your fishing line can have a major impact on how successful your outing is. Different types of fish are attracted to different colors, so having the right one can make or break your day.

Light-colored lines such as green and yellow are great for clear water conditions. These colors blend in with the surrounding water and won’t spook fish. They are also less visible to predators, making them ideal for catching wary fish.

Darker lines such as blue or black work best in murky water. These colors don’t blend in with the environment, but they can be harder for predators to see. They also don’t reflect light like lighter colored lines do, which makes them ideal for deep-water fishing.

Brightly colored lines such as red or orange are great for attracting fish that feed on baitfish or insects. They can also help you keep track of your line in low-light conditions.


When it comes to choosing a color fishing line, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Different types of fish will be attracted to different colors, so it’s important to consider the type of fish you’re Targeting before making a selection. For clear water conditions, light-colored lines like green and yellow are best; while darker lines like blue and black work well in murky water; and brightly colored lines like red or orange are great for attracting baitfish or insects.

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