What Color Fishing Line Is Best for Walleye?

Fishing for walleye can be a rewarding experience, but it’s important to choose the right fishing line for the job. Just as there are many different types of fish, there are also many different types of fishing line.

The color of the line can play a big role in determining how successful your fishing trip will be.

Clear Fishing Line – The most popular choice for walleye is clear monofilament fishing line. This type of line is practically invisible in the water and won’t spook the fish.

It also offers great strength and flexibility, making it perfect for trolling or casting lures. The downside is that it is more easily seen by birds flying overhead, so be sure to take that into consideration when selecting your line.

Green Fishing Line – Another popular choice is green monofilament fishing line. This type of line has a slightly visible tint in the water, which can help attract more walleye to your lure or bait.

It also provides good strength and flexibility, making it ideal for trolling or casting. The downside is that green fishing line can be more visible to birds flying overhead than clear monofilament.

Braided Fishing Line – Braided fishing lines are also popular when fishing for walleye because they are extremely strong and resistant to fraying or breaking due to friction with rocks or other objects in the water. They also provide great sensitivity when detecting bites from walleye. However, braided lines are highly visible in the water and may spook fish away from your bait.

When choosing a color for your fishing line when Targeting walleyes, clear monofilament is usually your best bet as it is nearly invisible in the water and won’t spook fish away from your lure or bait. Other colors such as green monofilament or braided lines may offer benefits such as better visibility under certain conditions or increased strength and sensitivity, but they may also have downsides such as being more easily spotted by birds flying overhead or scaring away fish due to their visibility in the water. Ultimately, you should choose whichever color you believe will give you the best chance at success on any given day!

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