What Can You Catch Saltwater Fly Fishing?

Saltwater fly fishing is one of the most popular and exciting ways to fish. It requires a unique set of skills, as well as an understanding of the local environment, to be successful. From shore or boat, you can Target a variety of species in saltwater with a fly rod and reel.

You can catch a variety of species when fly fishing in saltwater, such as redfish, striped bass, flounder, speckled trout, tarpon, snook, bonefish, permit and more. Each species requires different techniques and tactics to Target them successfully. Experienced anglers are adept at using different retrieves for different species in order to trigger strikes.

In addition to knowing how to correctly use the gear and technique for each species you’re Targeting, you also need to know where they’re located. Knowing where the fish are likely to be found will increase your chances of success when fly fishing in saltwater.

Different areas hold different types of fish at various times of year. For example, tarpon may be more likely to be found around bridges or passes during their migratory periods while redfish may be more active around mangroves during certain times of day or tide stages.

The type of flies used when Targeting saltwater species is also important for success. Different regions have their own preferred patterns that are designed specifically with the local fish in mind. It’s important to research which patterns work best in each area before heading out on the water so that you’re prepared with the right gear when you arrive at your destination.


Saltwater fly fishing is an exciting way to pursue a variety of species from shore or boat. To be successful requires knowledge on how best to Target them with different techniques and retrieves as well as where they’re likely located throughout the year. Armed with this knowledge and the right type of flies for each region, anglers can have great success catching many different types of fish on their next saltwater fly-fishing excursion!

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