What Can You Catch at Night Ice Fishing?

Night fishing can be a great way to fill your freezer with some fresh fish, but to be successful you need to know what kind of fish you’ll be catching. While most ice-fishing takes place during the day, some species can still be caught at night.

Walleye: Walleye is one of the most popular species when it comes to night fishing during the winter months. They can usually be found in shallow, weedy areas and will bite on a variety of baits such as minnows, jigs, and spoons. Fish for them near points and drop-offs for best results.

Northern Pike: Northern pike are aggressive predators that will take just about any bait you put in front of them. They’re especially fond of minnows and lures like spoons and jigs. Look for them near deep pools or weed beds where they like to hide out during the day.

Perch: Perch can be caught year-round but they’re especially active during the winter months when they start schooling up in large numbers near drop-offs and other deep structure. Use small jigs tipped with a piece of worm or minnow to entice them into biting.

Lake Trout: Lake trout are usually found in deeper water so you’ll need to use a downrigger or other weighting system to get your bait down far enough for them to see it. Use brightly colored lures or natural baits like smelt or herring for best results.

Conclusion: Night ice fishing can be an enjoyable and productive way to fill your freezer with some delicious fish this winter season. Walleye, northern pike, perch, and lake trout are all great choices when looking for something to catch at night, so try different techniques and baits until you find success!

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Lindsay Collins