What Are the Best Sunglasses for Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing has become a popular pastime and a great way to relax outdoors. Whether you’re an avid angler or just getting started, having the right gear is essential for success.

One item that is often overlooked is sunglasses.

There are many types of sunglasses available, but the best sunglasses for fly fishing come down to personal preference. The most important factor to consider when looking for the right pair of sunglasses is your vision.

If you have poor vision, it’s important to find a pair of sunglasses with lenses that offer adequate protection and clarity.

When it comes to style, there are many stylish options available for fly fishing sunglasses. Aviators, wraparounds, and oversized frames are all popular choices among anglers.

Additionally, there are polarized lenses that can help reduce glare from the sun and improve vision on the water. Polarized lenses also help protect your eyes from UV rays which can be damaging during long days on the water.

Finally, make sure that your sunglasses fit comfortably on your head. If they’re too loose or too tight, they won’t stay in place when you cast or retrieve your line.

Additionally, make sure that you choose a pair of sunglasses that won’t slip off even when wet as this could result in an expensive replacement.


When it comes to selecting the best sunglasses for fly fishing, comfort and clarity should be top priorities. Consider lenses designed to reduce glare from the sun as well as UV protection for long days on the water.

Choose frames that fit comfortably on your head and won’t slip off if they get wet. With so many stylish options available today, finding a pair of fly fishing sunglasses that fit both form and function should be easy!

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