What Are Parts of a Boat Called?

Boats are fascinating vessels that have been used for transportation, fishing, and leisure activities for centuries. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or someone who’s just starting to explore the world of boating, understanding the different parts of a boat is essential. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the various parts of a boat and what they’re called.


The hull is the main body of the boat and is responsible for keeping it afloat. It’s typically made from fiberglass, aluminum, or wood. The hull is divided into three sections: the bow (front), stern (back), and amidships (middle).


The bow is the front part of the boat that cuts through the water. It’s also known as the prow or stem.


The stern is the back part of the boat that houses the engine and steering mechanism. It’s also known as the aft.


Amidships refers to the middle part of the boat between the bow and stern.


The deck is located on top of the hull and provides a place to walk or sit on. It’s divided into several sections:


The foredeck is located at the front of the boat and provides a place to anchor or tie up.

Aft Deck

The aft deck is located at the back of the boat and provides a place to fish or relax.


The cockpit is located in amidships and serves as a control center for steering, navigating, and operating other equipment.


The superstructure refers to any structure built on top of or attached to the deck. It includes:


The cabin is an enclosed area where people can sleep or take shelter from the weather.


The pilothouse is an enclosed area on the upper deck where the captain can steer and navigate the boat.


Rigging refers to the system of ropes, wires, and chains used to support and control the sails. It includes:


The mast is a tall vertical pole that supports the sails.


The boom is a horizontal pole that extends from the bottom of the mast and supports the bottom edge of the sail.


Understanding the different parts of a boat is essential for anyone who wants to operate, maintain, or repair one. By knowing what each part is called, you’ll be able to communicate more effectively with other boaters and understand how everything fits together. Whether you’re planning a fishing trip or a leisurely cruise, having a solid grasp of boat nomenclature will help you navigate your way through any situation.

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