What Are Ice Picks Used for Ice Fishing?

Ice picks have become an integral part of the ice fishing experience for anglers across the world. They are simple tools used to create holes in thick ice that are safe to fish in. The picks are usually sharp and can come with a handle or without one, depending on the user’s preference.

The primary use for an ice pick is for breaking through thick ice. This could be on a frozen lake or river, and it is important that the pick is sharp enough to break through hard surfaces efficiently. Many anglers will also use them to chip away at edges of existing holes so they can make them larger or deeper if needed.

A good quality ice pick is essential if you want to be sure that the hole you create is safe and secure enough to fish in. It should be made from durable materials so it won’t easily break or bend when being used in tough conditions. Some models even come with a handle so you can have a more secure grip over your tool as you strike the ice surface.

It’s also important to make sure your pick is sharp enough when using it as dull blades can make it difficult to break through hard surfaces. Some anglers will carry a whetstone with them so they can sharpen their picks before each use.


Ice picks are essential tools for any serious ice fisherman looking to break through thick layers of ice safely and efficiently. They are simple tools made from durable materials like steel or titanium, and come either with or without handles depending on the user’s preference. A good quality pick should be sharp enough to chip away at hard surfaces, while also being able to create wide and deep holes that are safe for fishing in.

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