What Are Hemostats Used for in Fly Fishing?

Hemostats are an invaluable tool for any fly fishing enthusiast. They are used for a variety of tasks and can help make a successful day on the water even more enjoyable. Hemostats are often used to quickly change out flies, release fish with minimal harm, and remove unwanted debris from equipment and tackle.

Changing Flies – Hemostats can be used to quickly and easily change out flies while fly fishing. The large jaw of the hemostat allows you to easily grasp the hook and pull it out of the water without damaging your fingers or the fish itself. This is especially useful when catching multiple different species of fish in one outing.

Releasing Fish – Hemostats can also be used to humanely release a fish that has been caught. By gripping the hook securely with the hemostat, you can safely remove it from the fish’s mouth without causing any further damage. This helps ensure that the fish will have a better chance at survival when released back into its natural habitat.

Cleaning Equipment – Hemostats can also be used to clean equipment and tackle. They are great for removing weeds, dirt, and other debris from gear that might have gotten stuck during a day on the water. This is especially helpful when there isn’t much time between fishing sessions.


Hemostats are a must-have tool for any fly fishing enthusiast as they provide quick solutions for changing flies, releasing fish, and cleaning gear. With their large jaw size and secure grip, they make it easier than ever to take care of all your needs on the water with minimal effort. With proper care and maintenance, they should last many years of successful outings on the lake or river!

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