What Are Fly Fishing Pants Called?

Fly fishing pants are specially designed trousers, often made of lightweight, waterproof materials, which are specifically designed to be worn while fly fishing. They are designed to provide comfort, protection and style during long hours spent in the water. Fly fishing pants come in a variety of styles and designs, including waders, shorts and even jeans.

Waders are the most traditional type of fly fishing pants. Waders are typically made of neoprene and feature booties on the feet for added warmth and protection.

These pants fit snugly around the legs and waist to provide a comfortable fit while wading in water. Waders also come with added features such as adjustable suspenders and pockets for storing tackle or other fishing equipment.

Shorts are a popular choice among anglers who prefer a more casual look while fly fishing. These shorts are typically made of nylon or cotton blends and feature quick drying technology to help keep the angler dry during their time in the water. They usually come with multiple pockets for storage and adjustable waist straps for a customizable fit.

Jeans offer anglers another option when it comes to fly fishing attire. These pants are usually constructed from lightweight fabrics with added features such as waterproofing technology or articulated knees for increased mobility when wading in water or casting lines. Jeans also feature pockets for storage and adjustable waistbands for an enhanced fit.

Conclusion: Fly fishing pants come in many different styles, from traditional waders to modern shorts or jeans designs. All offer comfort, protection, style and convenience while out on the water. No matter what type of pant you choose, they will help make your fly fishing experience more enjoyable and successful!

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