Is Vicious Good Fishing Line?

Vicious fishing line is a relatively new product on the market, and it is gaining popularity among anglers due to its strength, durability, and affordability. It is made from high-tech polyethylene fibers, which are stronger than other brands of fishing line. This makes it ideal for heavier applications such as deep sea or ocean fishing.

The line has an impressive tensile strength rating of up to 20 pounds, which means it can handle heavier lures and fish without breaking. It also has a very low stretch rate, so the angler can feel even the slightest nibble on their line. The smooth finish helps reduce friction while casting, resulting in longer casts and less tangles.

Vicious fishing line is also very abrasion resistant, meaning it won’t break or fray easily when rubbing against rocks or other submerged objects in the water. This makes it perfect for rocky shorelines and for trolling deep water with heavy lures. The color of the line also helps to mask it from fish, making it less likely that they will be spooked by its presence in the water.

Overall, vicious fishing line is a great choice for experienced anglers who want a durable product that can stand up to heavy use conditions without breaking down quickly or losing its effectiveness. It has an excellent strength rating that ensures reliable performance no matter what kind of fish you’re Targeting or what type of environment you’re fishing in. Plus, its affordable price makes it a great value for any budget-conscious fisherman.

Is vicious good fishing line? The answer is yes!

Vicious Fishing Line offers superior strength and durability at an affordable price point that make it an ideal choice for all types of anglers. Its low stretch rate allows you to feel even the slightest nibbles on your line while its abrasion resistance means it won’t break down easily when rubbing against rocks or other submerged objects in the water. Whether you’re just starting out as an angler or are a seasoned veteran looking for reliable performance out on the water, Vicious Fishing Line should definitely be considered as an option worth investing in!

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