Is Utah Lake Open to Fishing?

Utah Lake is one of the state’s most popular fishing spots and is open to fishing all year round. The lake is home to many species of fish including largemouth bass, black crappie, bluegill, channel catfish, northern pike, and walleye. All these fishes can be caught with either artificial bait or live bait depending on which species you are Targeting.

Anglers can access the lake from boat ramps located throughout the lake. There are also several public docks located around the lake that provide easy access for shoreline anglers. Fishing from boats is permitted year-round, but there are some seasonal regulations that must be followed. During certain times of the year, boaters must adhere to special speed limits and specific areas may be closed to boating or fishing.

In addition to traditional angling methods, Utah Lake is also open to fly fishing and trolling.

Fly fishermen should note that there are special regulations in place regarding what types of flies they can use in order to protect the fish populations. Trolling is also allowed on Utah Lake but anglers must use lures with single hooks only.

Utah Lake also offers a variety of other activities besides fishing such as kayaking, swimming, camping, picnicking and bird watching. There are plenty of amenities available at the lake including restrooms, picnic areas and camping sites. Visitors should take precautions while swimming in Utah Lake due to its murky waters.


In conclusion, Utah Lake is open for fishing all year round and offers a variety of fish species for anglers to Target. There are several boat ramps located around the lake as well as public docks for shoreline anglers. Fly fishermen should take note of special regulations regarding flies used in order to protect fish populations while trolling anglers must use lures with single hooks only. Utah Lake also offers other activities such as kayaking, swimming, camping and picnicking.

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